Regular Tapioca Granules


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Tapioca is a very good source of healthy carbs which provides you with immediate energy that can keep the body energetic and reduce the risks of fatigue. In addition to this, the carbohydrate content of tapioca is also shared by a good amount of dietary fiber, which is a healthy form of carbs.
Rich in Vitamins
Rich in Minerals
Easily Digestible
Great source of iron which is an essential component of Haemoglobin
Low in cholesterol as such lowering chances of heart diseases
Source of healthy carbs required for energy
Perfect fuel for the days runs
Suitable for healthy living
Good for all ages…
💯 Natural
No Preservatives
No Additives.

Requires soaking for some minutes before cooking.
Can be taken with milk, coconut chips,Granola, fruits of choice for complete and more Nutrients

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